what is afsa?

The Australian Forest School Association is a not-for-profit group whose aim is to promote, mentor and support nature immersion programs for diverse ages and environments across Australia.

AFSA committee members

who are we?

We are nature play advocates, facilitators and players. We are volunteers who are working in the field in numerous capacities.  We have come together to create AFSA through our shared vision of offering nature play mentors access to guides and approaches to empower, support and enrich programs.  Through these programs, children are offered the opportunities and freedom necessary for nature immersion experiences to be valuable and meaningful.

AFSA Group
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Our Vision

To create a united voice to provide advocacy, guidance and support for all members.  To recognise the benefits all participants gain from access to nature immersion programs.


  • Regular nature immersion
  • Connection to Country
  • Free play and natural learning
  • Inclusivity and accessibility
  • Mentoring practices
  • Sustainable practice