I have been in the early childhood industry since 1990 in a number of different roles. I hold an Assoc. Diploma of Education and a Bachelor Of Education- PreService -Early Childhood degree. As a registered teacher l have a Positive Exemption card and all current First Aid .

I have been a Kindy teacher for over 20 years and work at a local C&K – The Creche and Kindergarten Association -not for profit community service working a 5 day fortnight since my children were born.
For several years l have also trained C&K teachers in the practical aspects of taking children into nature and continue to mentor many services.

I have been taking children into nature for a very long time and joined QECSN – Queensland Early Childhood Sustainable Network in about 2000.

I have a long association with Denmark as my Husband is Danish. I am very fortunate to have visited a wide variety of nature services there for almost 20 years. I love to be involved in training opportunities and over the years have studied internationally several times. 

I was fortunate to be part of the first FSLI – Forest School Learning Initiative- training in Australia in 2016 and gained a wealth of skills to become a Forest School Leader Level 3. I now work part time for FSLI supervising and assessing students in their practical aspects to become Forest School Leaders . 

A huge focus of my teaching has been taking children into nature , being engaged and immersed in this environmentFor many years I had wanted to create my own business to connect children and families with nature and as my girls were entering high school it- was the perfect timing.

Bush Knowing formed in 2018 and has gone from strength to strength weathering the current COVID 19 crisis.

In 2020 l was part of the committee to form the Australian Forest School Association. I am currently the presidentThis is a not for profit group whose aim is to promote nature immersion services for children of diverse environments ( including the beach, bush and service based) and multiple ages across Australia.