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When considering the logo for our emerging association we wanted to represent an Indigenous perspective and respect for country. Jen and Narelle from Birdwings Forest School – founding members of the committee – wrote to Shara in late 2020 as they were inspired by her deep connection and relationship with community and country. After discussion with the committee  we commissioned Shara to design artwork for our logo on behalf of the Australian Forest School Association. 

In a brief to Shara we explained that …” The Australian Forest School Association will represent educators and practitioners working predominantly with children (but also hopefully many different ages) in natural environments. Our aim is to help others connect to, learn from and conserve our special Australian landscapes. It felt just right to ask a Quandamooka artist to design a logo that represents our connection between land and water/ inland and coastal regions.”

After a few changes in the style and colour palette our logo emerged. 

On the 20th of March 2021 several members of the committee – Jen, Narell, Jo, Hannah, Nicki and Vicci travelled to Stradbroke Island to personally receive her incredible piece.

Shara explained.. “I incorporated the beach, forest and desert. The people and children are also represented in this, and those song lines circles that connect the different places out to the regions. Also symbolising important connections to Country (land and sea). Circles can also mean families and communities or your organisation ties to supporting children nationally.”

We are very grateful to Shara for her incredible work which we have transformed into our permanent logo.


AFSA president

Bush Knowing Forest School



Shara Delaney 

Aboriginal Quandamooka woman

Shara is an Australian Aboriginal contemporary artist from Quandamooka country, inspired by stories of her Elders, the generation from One Mile. Shara Delaney is a traditional owner through her parents the Delaney and close families, the Noounccal, Ngugi & Gorenpul clan groups of Quandamooka. Shara’s paintings are her identity as a strong saltwater woman, connection to family, sand and sea.


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